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Event: LympLAN 11

Tickets cost £12.00 in advance, or £12.00 on the door.

Start time: 8th Aug 2003 19:00
Finish time: 10th Aug 2003 17:00

There were 21 signups for this event.

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Username Real Name Status
beer02 Phillip Manning ATTENDED
Crimez-Z2 mark ATTENDED
Dante Graham Garnade ATTENDED
Fliss Felicity Taylor ATTENDED
Ghost Stalker David Rendell ATTENDED
Ginger_Man_Uk Nick ATTENDED
Greeny Thomas Greenslade ATTENDED
Kenny Trevor Pike ATTENDED
Kiffa Trevor Ruby ATTENDED
Mark Mark Brown ATTENDED
minion Lee ATTENDED
neon Neil C ATTENDED
Rob Robin Linacre ATTENDED
Smartie Leah Pike ATTENDED
TEA_CodeMatrix Toby ATTENDED
Head Hunter 355 Gareth Edwards CANCELLED
Lucage Phil Lucas CANCELLED
savage_keyboarder Mat Holladay NOSHOW
Electro David Matthews STAFF
mikethegreek Mike STAFF
Oliver Oliver Beresford STAFF
Pheonix Joe Foster STAFF
Wishy Steve Scott STAFF

A total of 21 signups, 21 paid.

Venue: Lympstone

Budleigh Salterton is a nice seaside venue. During the day this allows for breaks from the hall for a leisurely walk along the seafront, with some superb ice cream shops (all year round). Being situated towards the center of the town also allows for easy access to a variety of pubs and takeaways.

On Saturday nights, we usually do an order out to a local Chinese Restaurant which is delivered to us


There is currently no schedule for this event.