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Event: LympLAN 13

Tickets cost £15.00 in advance, or £15.00 on the door.

Start time: 6th Feb 2004 19:00
Finish time: 8th Feb 2004 19:00

There were 27 signups for this event.

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Username Real Name Status
AlienX Mark Phillips ATTENDED
beer02 Phillip Manning ATTENDED
Dan_Man Daniel Cornelius ATTENDED
Euphorica Warrick ATTENDED
Fliss Felicity Taylor ATTENDED
Freelance Gavin Terry ATTENDED
Gem Gemma Peter ATTENDED
Genovacle John Pollard ATTENDED
Ghost Stalker David Rendell ATTENDED
Ginger_Man_Uk Nick ATTENDED
Gooseman Stephen Goosey ATTENDED
iMess MrCow ATTENDED James Humble ATTENDED
Kenny Trevor Pike ATTENDED
Kiffa Trevor Ruby ATTENDED
Lizard King James Law ATTENDED
monkofdoom Frank West ATTENDED
Mr Mag Ross Babey ATTENDED
musicman Sebastien Rose ATTENDED
neon Neil C ATTENDED
Skinny Rob Scott ATTENDED
Smartie Leah Pike ATTENDED
Chan Jack MacLoughlin CANCELLED
Gotmunn Scott Munn CANCELLED
Haz Jon brown CANCELLED
Ice_man Tom goss CANCELLED
Jonny_Ringo Tom Gow CANCELLED
mr.chainsaw Tom Copeland CANCELLED
Neo Jamie Elisseos CANCELLED
neomancer Mark CANCELLED
Shellers Paul Schelstynsky CANCELLED
[Ron!n]^ecKo Ben Hyde CANCELLED
Crimez-Z2 mark STAFF
Electro David Matthews STAFF
mikethegreek Mike STAFF
Oliver Oliver Beresford STAFF
Wishy Steve Scott STAFF

A total of 27 signups, 27 paid.

Venue: Lympstone

Budleigh Salterton is a nice seaside venue. During the day this allows for breaks from the hall for a leisurely walk along the seafront, with some superb ice cream shops (all year round). Being situated towards the center of the town also allows for easy access to a variety of pubs and takeaways.

On Saturday nights, we usually do an order out to a local Chinese Restaurant which is delivered to us. Alternatively, if the weather is good we get a gas BBQ and a selection of food to put on it.


There is currently no schedule for this event.