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Event: SaltLAN 29

Tickets cost £22.00 in advance, or £25.00 on the door.

Start time: 2nd Nov 2012 07:00
Finish time: 4th Nov 2012 05:00

There were 27 signups for this event.

There is no gallery for this event.


Username Real Name Status
beer02 Phillip Manning ATTENDED
Bitswap Shane Carpenter ATTENDED
bloodtobleed Chris Franklin ATTENDED
BoloX Daniel Wood ATTENDED
Davies Gazz Davies ATTENDED
DogBoy Joe Wood ATTENDED
followtherabbit Jacob (Charlie) Ringer ATTENDED
Gooseman Stephen Goosey ATTENDED
icey Martin Rodford ATTENDED
Legmog Tom Gasson ATTENDED
Mattu Matthew Underwood ATTENDED
mrwhizz matt lord ATTENDED
Ralz Gary Lipscombe ATTENDED
SheepDude Adam Pritchard ATTENDED
Sheshka Joe Smith ATTENDED
Techfreak-SSM Shaun Shere Massey ATTENDED
Drakey Jamie Wakefield CANCELLED
R8cer125 Paul Kinch CANCELLED
Rachel Rachel muggeridge CANCELLED
xconspirisist James Read CANCELLED
Xorn Elon Mosque CANCELLED
bartman Karl Bartlam SIGNEDUP
Flames Russell Floyd SIGNEDUP
James James Billington-Bray SIGNEDUP
mattsprattuk Matt Anderson SIGNEDUP
Ryan the Rice Ryan SIGNEDUP
AlienX Mark Phillips STAFF
mikethegreek Mike STAFF
neomancer Mark STAFF
neon Neil C STAFF
Wishy Steve Scott STAFF

A total of 27 signups, 22 paid.

Venue: Budleigh Salterton

Budleigh Salterton is a nice seaside venue. During the day this allows for breaks from the hall for a leisurely walk along the seafront, with some superb ice cream shops (all year round). Being situated towards the center of the town also allows for easy access to a variety of pubs and takeaways.

On Saturday nights, we usually do an order out to a local Chinese Restaurant which is delivered to us


There is currently no schedule for this event.