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I'm under 18, can i attend?

If you are 16+ we will need a Parent/Guardian consent form completed, please contact for a copy of the document, we are planning to add this to the signup section of the next event.

Under 16? Unless you attend with someone 18+ we are unable to accommodate you as we are not able to provide supervision during the event.

Please note, we are not responsible for games and video content played at the event by other attendees.

How can I get to the lan?

Directions are here. The Budleigh hall postcode is EX9 6RJ.

The nearest train station is Exmouth and there is a bus that runs from Exmouth to the Hall.

I'm not sure my PC is up to it. Can I borrow one?

Sorry, its a bring your own computer event, we don't have any computers to loan.

How good is the network?

We have three 48-Port Nortel switches with a 160Gb backbone.

We provide dedicated game servers, Steam caching services etc.

What games do you play?

Games vary from LAN to LAN. It tends to be an atmosphere in which people just say "Anybody fancy a game of Supreme Commander?" and people will play.

We usually have servers for:

L4D, HL2, CS:GO, Minecraft, TF2 and anything else popular where dedicated servers are available publicly available.

If you fancy a different game, there's likely to be somebody else who will want a give it go. This list is far from exhaustive!

Do I need to set up my computer for the LAN?

All you need to do is select automatic assignment for IP Address and the network and Internet connection will be set up ready for you. We're more than happy to help if you run into any problems.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring:

  • PC
  • Monitor
  • All your leads
  • A pair of headphones
  • A 4 Surge protected power strip, or more if you require more sockets, each attendee gets one 13A socket with 2A average per seat.
  • Mouse mat
  • Sleeping bag and a pillow
  • Food

It's worth bringing plenty of food of your own. We do provide a microwave for you to use and ready meals are recommended as cheap & easy options. There will be people regularly going to Tesco (a 10 minute drive), and there are normally spare seats in cars.

Do you have an Internet connection?

We have an 80/20 FTTC connection at the hall, along with a comprehensive CDN caching service for almost all game update services. Shout out to for their hard work!

Can I take speakers?

We don't allow speakers at the event for obvious reasons.

Can I bring my own chair?

Budleigh hall has recently had a new floor installed. We need to avoid scratching this and therefore don't allow wheeled chairs. The chairs at Budleigh are comfortable enough and we have plenty of them. If you want you can take a spare pillow to make things a bit more padded.

Am I allowed to bring two computers?

If you intend to take a second PC to act as a server, it is unlikely to be a problem taking it (unless the LAN is is packed). Please drop the staff an email to check:

It's not okay to take a second computer for you to watch films, IRC, etc. or a computer for a friend to use (unless they have a seat paid for).

Is there a wireless LAN?

Yes, but connection to the Wired LAN is recommended as its going to to have a better connection quality.

Can I arrive a little early?

Providing its not that much before the official start time and there's a reason (long journeys, train times, etc). Please email Staff to check its okay, giving us the reason you need to be there early. We might ask you to help with the setup, we might be at a stage where only the staff can finish off. Please don't complain if the network isn't up when you arrive early!

Where can I sleep?

The Budleigh Salterton Hall has a large stage which is big enough for most people to sleep on, as long as you are not blocking a fire exit or in anyone's way, grab a space wherever you like.

Are there Showers?

Unfortunately, Budleigh Salterton doesn't have showers... Yet

How near are the shops? Should I bring any provisions?

In Budleigh there is a local bakery and a Co-Op. There is a large Tesco in Exmouth (around a 10 minute drive away) if you want to get more than just the basics.

Budleigh has a chip shop as well as a few reasonable pubs serving food.

Domino's in Exmouth will also deliver to Budleigh.

Is there a cash machine?

Located in the Co-Op there is a free cash machine.

Can I take alcohol?

Yes, all that we ask is you're sensible with your drink. Sociable drinking is fine. Obviously as per the law, under 18's should not be drinking at the events.

Is there a bar at the event?

We do not run a bar at the event. If you want to drink, you're best off stopping at the off-licence on the way. We do, however, have fridges to keep your drinks nice and cool.

How is the seating organised?

We have a seating system that allows you to select the seat you want before the event. This isn't normally turned on until a month or so before the event and is only available to those who have already paid.

I've signed up, but now can't make it to the event. What should I do?

Send an email to the staff and we will mark you as cancelled.

Is there a Discord Server?

There sure is:

How can I pay?

In short you can pay by Bank Transfer, PayPal or cash. Full details are available on the payment system.

I've signed up, but can't attend now

If you haven't paid - send an email to the staff and we will mark you as cancelled.

If you've paid - we can transfer the payment to a future event, tickets are non refundable less than 2 weeks before the event start date.

Please email us to cancel.

How do I know when my payment has arrived / been dealt with?

If you have completed payment via PayPal, the site should automatically update your signup to paid. If you have any issues email us at

If you are local to a staff member, we can arrange cash.

BACS takes a few days - make sure you mail us to tell us you have performed a BACS payment.


Do you even GDPR, Bro?

Yes. Yes we do.

What you got on me?

For starters, we've got your name & e-mail address. Both pieces of information are vital to provide our services. For emergency purposes your name is pretty handy and if you want to reset your password, having an up to date e-mail address in our records will be super handy for you down the line.

If you've been to one of our events, we've most definitely got a sprinkling of MAC address and a smidge of local IP in our data soup. Alongside our authentication system, these help us keep track of who's stealing all the precious internets.

Additionally we have your mobile number - in case of event cancellation at short notice/some other urgent information we need to convey to you on the day of event.

Where you keeping it?

Securely on our SSL restricted server, locked inside a MySQL server instance, hidden behind a firewall. Our information's in there as well and we try to keep everything up to date and as secure as possible.

Who you been selling our data soup to?

Absolutely no one. All your data is yours.

The only time your information leaves our server (if you opt-in to our mailing list) is when we put it into MailChimp to send you pretty e-mails.

Can I see my data?

You're more than welcome to put in a written request to our staff e-mail address. We just ask that you give us 20 working days to get it ready for you.

We can't scour through all our of our user submitted photos but any IP addresses, names, e-mail address and event information can be provided on request.

Can you delete my account and data?

We can delete your accounts, that's not an issue. Again, we'd appreciate a written request to be sent to the staff and a bit of time to process your request.

Unanswered Questions? Drop an email to: